Self Acclaimed Homewrecker

Tiny Parker Douche Bag

tinTiny, Tyne Parker, gets her kicks out of purposefully fooling around with men who have spouses/girlfriends and then finding their partners to gloat and send copies of messages or tell specific things she has done. She is sure to let the girlfriends know that she is willing to still perform any sexual acts she is asked of by the man. She actually says things like ” I think it’s fun to ruin people’s lives” . Cream of the crop this one is! She tells people she is dying and very sick when really the drugs she enjoys in her free time are the reason her teeth are literally falling out of her face.. Ladies and Gents steer clear of this proud self admitted whore and home wrecker she is so dirty and disgusting and has no problems admitting it as long as it’s after she’s messed with your life..

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