Selina Dean

Selina Dean

So let me introduce you to Selina Dean. this little slore thinks that screwing men in long term relationships is cool and she’s totally down for being the side piece. she’s been sleeping with her boyfriend Fraser bell since his now ex girlfriend was 4 months pregnant with their child (yeah she knew the whole time & the ex just broke it off a week ago after finding out about this little trash piece) A few months ago he snapped, choked his ex girlfriend in the closet while holding their infant daughter, trashed the house and threatened to off himself in front of her and all the kids. Now miss Selina Dean of hixon BC thinks that he’s just gods gift to women and thinks he can do no wrong. She Even told his now ex that she deserved Every bit of what he did to her. How stupid can you be girl? You think your not gonna be his next victim?! Posting all sorts of relationship quotes on Facebook when you were the side piece for the last year, knew full well he had a family at home and still said “hey you look like a good time” Ladies, watch your man around this little Pepsi head, especially if they like to go on horseback guides for any extended period of time. Hey Selina, How did his ex’s p***y juice taste when he came back to your place and you sucked his slimy a** knob, bet he didn’t even shower lmao No wonder Owen left your skummy a55 for the queen he has now. Your awesome Selina, real cringe worthy babe.

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  1. Train wreck, PRINCESS, to you!
    Haha, yup. Lock up your husbands, ladies! This girl is CONTAGIOUS! Making all the men fall in love with her because she’s NOT a slimy, money hungry whore. His EX, Vanessa Kelly (that’s right, you don’t have any conditions on me not using your name in public!😉) was still married and keeping her relationship to her HUSBAND, James Kelly nice and strong while shes making babies with other men for extra child tax because the only way she knows how to make money is by opening her legs. Or did you think no one knew about what you did while your BOYFRIEND, or, other man, was out in camp providing for you and your husband’s kids. Or how you’re so self-centered and manipulative that you won’t even let your 4th child see her father. Or the fact that you have historically laid hands on every man who told you no- oh yes, police reports are grand!
    What a pathetic piece of shit you are, your mother would be so proud. Even she didn’t want to stick around to deal with your shit. By the way, we burned her Bible you were so attached to. You should take better care of the things you say you love. Like your children. Instead of letting them be molested and letting them molest each other. You sick fking pig.
    After preaching how you’d NEVER keep the baby from her father- just look at you, girl. What a walking contradiction, you are! You may think you have everyone fooled, but it won’t be for long. You and your friend got a protection order against Fraser because you know the shit you’re pulling would send ANYONE off the edge. Good thing he’s got a GREAT woman keeping him sane and together so he doesn’t act to your stupid games.
    Thanks for the compliments, though! You’re right. I can have anyone I want. Maybe you should have treated him better if you wanted him so bad. But you wouldn’t even get a divorce. Red flag, much? But thank you for the gift, he is pretty great. And healing from your shit has been his biggest feat. So glad to see him on the mend, no thanks to you and his disgusting mother. Your karma will hit you, and I will laugh because it won’t be from me. I’m not a slum dog, dumpster fire whore like you are.
    But any time you want to come for a visit, we can hash out our differences.😉 or you can be super tough on an anonymous site. Lol, as if no one knows where this came from. 😆

  2. Wow ..this is beyond the most childish thing I have ever read . You lost your man so you relied on a social page to hurt and embaress some one? Come on . Adult time now friend. Soooo.. your ex didn’t become famous .. what’s with that? You singled out one person due to a failed relationship. Have you looked at the statistics for suicide ?? This is class A bullying . Honestly you should be ashamed of your self. Truly should be . But ! That’s not enough. You were out for blood when you posted this ? So wouldn’t it be fair to kinda go tit for tat ? . Ok let’s just think for a second pal . You were this great deal we will say if his life and yet he wondered off ? Why would that be ? Because you were probably as fun as dealing with a head ache . That’s why . Grow up . Your an adult. This is just simply torture. Be better then this. Or . Be a hated prick for the rest of your days your choice.pal 😘