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Shaylene Sanhos Magee

Shaylene is a dirty hoe has 2 girls and their Dad passed away. Shaylene wasn’t with him at the time he passed as he had left a long time ago as he was sick of her lazy disgusting ways and lifestyle. He couldn’t stand being around her anymore. As soon as he left her she had a ton of guys and women coming through her revolving door and what’s most disgusting is these also hoe’s she had around would tell these sugar daddies to deal with her kids because she couldn’t. They take the girls for walks and they don’t even know these people they are all random strangers Shaylene just met off adult dating sites. She says she was with the Dad at the time he passed to play victim to get people to feel sorry for her, including fake go fund me accounts for money to feed her drug habit. pepsi, meth, ectasy and a ton of alcohol. Instead she should be focused on her girls grieving their father and stop being such a neglectful selfish parent. When she’s slooting it around with these men and women her Daughter’s are in her home all day and night mostly and she never takes them outside. Is it so devastating as these girls look so confused, unsure, sad and lost with the loss of their Dad and the strangers in and out of their life. If the girls cry she drowns them out with music and screams at them to shut up. Her in laws can’t stand her either and even her own family came from Saskatoon and up and left 2 days later because they couldn’t stand her. She thinks she is so hot and everybody wants her when Infact she only attracts predators whom she lets take care of her kids as she is too lazy. She is about to loose her girls and they only reason she has them back in her home is for the welfare check. Shaylene is a disgusting dirty pig and from what 3 of the guys that came out of her home said she has flappers big enough to hold a ship in and please boys for heaven sakes please boys wear a condom! Even then you won’t be safe. All her pics are photoshopped and why of she says she’s so hot lol!

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