SHAYNA GRAHAM — Cheating Skank

Shanya Graham Homewrecker

Hmmmm where to start this girl likes to post lies about people and try to ruin their lives.. well newsflash b1tch you just met your worst nightmare.. i am here to let everyone know about this skanky b1tch.. im here to speak the truth about this real winner. SHAYNA GRAHAM, she met rocky and had a kid with him just a few short months of knowing him she told him she was on birth control when she wasn’t which forced Rocky to stay with her knowing who he was as a person. She trapped the poor guy and moved into his moms basement she quit her job as soon as she found out she waa was pregnant and hasn’t worked since. She lives off of rocky and sits at home posting false accusations about people. She doesn’t cook and feeds her kids frozen dinners. Her teeth are rotting out of her face cause she doesn’t own a toothbrush. She was found on tinder after saying she would never cheat on her boyfriend, low and behold before she kicked him in the balls and he left her she already had a man in her bed sleeping with her son in the same bed. She will tell you she’s your friend just to get info. And then go snake around and ruin your life. Rocky recently took her back because she manipulated him saying she had no place to go and her kids would be on the street if he didn’t let her come back. Please beware of this SQUAY!

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