Vahid Eghtesad UN Wanna be gangsters Get busted

Vahid Eghtesad and his brother Amir Eghtesad have been busted with $800,000 cash now the government is coming after everything they got even their parents home. These wanna be gangsters where never excepted only to become looser UN members. Amir did time for trying to kill the Bacon brothers, he got busted using his own phone to arrange hits on the Bacons. Vahid got busted with most of the cash, he too was using his own mobile phone to arrange drug deals ;the cops have as evidence. They got robbed badly by the cops that Amir’s petty two thousand dollar bundle was also taken in as proceeds of crime. Not only are they stupid criminals that dont get burner phones, but they just got retired early into their gangster couriers. Karma is a b1tch, thats because Amir is under heavy surveillance for the murder of Milad Nournia back in 2011. We all know its best for these goofs to leave town, or just give blow jobs in jail.

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