Vendella Sonia — The old sloot is back up

Vendella Sonia Sloot Alert

Vendella is on the dirty again. This granny trash can just does not quit. She sleeps with married men and her own friends boyfriends. This big nose bald granny steals from photoshoots. Grannys real name is TERRA not VENDELLA. She changed her name because she is known as a real escort. Terra sleeps with anyone . Terra still harasses Dave kersha*. The guy is married with kids . Pretnds she does not do nose candy ans pretends she does not drink. Terra is one of vancouvers Pepsi sloors. She steals .. vag is loose & smells like fish . She will.blow you off for an icecream cone. Vendella or Terra your old past 42.. your bald.. your lip injections do not look good they look like two bratwurst sausages.. clown . Nik expose this dumpster vendella or terra.

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