Vesa Shushka Is Just Your Typical Basic White Girl

This is Vesa she goes to my school and she constantly looks down on girls and even posts about it on social media once in a while thinking she’s funny (pompous bimbo). But the biggest joke is that she thinks she’s Gods gift to men, men with money (gold digger!)  She thinks her personality is interesting enough for men to fall in love with her as fast as she does without barely knowing them at all (Instagram stalker). Every time she rejects a man online or in real life she posts it on social media thinks she’s sooo funny “look at me I’m getting the wrong attention, again! Ugh I hate my caucasian life.” She does pepsi to stay skinny and has really bad lip injections. Her kissy face looks like a butt-hole. Nik, what would you rate her out of 10? I’m curious.

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